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Auto Cashier

By Jennifer | October 19, 2021

anyone know of an Auto Cashier for IBA that will let you observe or check it when not at the wash?

Antenna’s on KIA Optima’s

By Robert | October 6, 2021

I was wondering if operators of express car washes have noticed a number of 2017 and newer KIA Optima’s antenna’s coming off in the blowers

Belt or Over/Under Conveyor

By Blake | October 1, 2021

What are the advantages of each? Why did you chose the type of conveyor your car wash has?


By Blake | October 1, 2021

Are you using Ceramic? Do you believe in the hype? What are you doing to communicate the advantages of this product?

Signage: Menu Boards and Package Presentation

By Blake | October 1, 2021

Please post your menu board and wash packages for others to reference.

Signage: Disclaimer Signs

By Blake | October 1, 2021

Please post your disclaimer sign or ones that you have seen for others to reference.

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