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Washworld Inc.



Founded in 1998 in De Pere, Wisconsin; Washworld began as a manufacturer of parts for aftermarket use in our company-owned car wash sites. Small requests became big request, and soon after, we began to rebuild entire machines. As the company’s reputation for quality parts, equipment, and outstanding customer service grew - so did the demand for Washworld’s products. To meet growing demand, we began building our own car wash systems and expanding replacement parts. Gradually acquiring a distributor network to span North America, Washworld has grew to a global presence with nearly 100 distributors selling Washworld equipment worldwide. We can be found in the Middle East, Russia - all across Europe and China - Mongolia, Tajikistan and as far away as Australia! Driven by the simple belief that we could, "Find a Better Way", Washworld stays true to our core values - innovation, reliability, and kindness - through the products, innovation and dedication to revolutionizing the way our customers do business.


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Industry information:

  • Job: Other
  • Industry associations:
    • Heartland Carwash Association
    • Mid-Atlantic Carwash Association
    • Midwest Carwash Association
    • New England Carwash Association
    • Southeastern Carwash Association
    • Southwest Carwash Association
    • Western Carwash Association
    • Carwash Association of Pennsylvani
    • Carwash Operators of New Jersey, Inc.
    • Connecticut Carwash Association
    • New York State Carwash Association
    • Ohio Carwash Association
    • Rocky Mountain Carwash Association
    • St. Louis Carwash Association
    • Utah Carwash Association
    • Chicagoland Carwash Association
    • International Carwash Association
    • Australian Carwash Association
    • Canadian Car Wash Association
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