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There are many rituals to attract money, which were used in ancient times. Many people argue that money magic spells is a waste of time and that it does not work. In fact, it will not give any effect, if you do not believe in it, and will continue to sit idly by. Rituals that attract wealth and money sells are only an auxiliary element for getting money, they will help to achieve financial success faster and easier.method one. Conduct a business ritual to attract money. To do this, take your old purse, which you have not yet managed to throw out and put a money bill in it. After that, hide the wallet in the eastern part of your house. After a month, take it out and change the bill for a money, which is more than its denomination. This money ritual ritual should be conducted until you yourself see an unexpected influx of money into the house. Way the third. This monetary ritual will help to achieve financial prosperity in the shortest possible time. Take a few bills, preferably large and new. In the evening, spread them all over the apartment: in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the kitchen and other places. Waking up in the morning, you stumble upon the first bill. Take it and put it in your purse, separately from the rest of the money. On this day you have to spend it, but not all, you must stay hand over. The next morning, repeat the action and pick up another bill. Do the same, and in the following days, repeat the same actions, until all the bills that you have distributed throughout the apartment will not end. This ritual game will so delay you that you will not notice how the money will fill your life. The fourth method. This ritual for money was very popular with our great-grandmothers. It must be done on the thirteenth day, no matter what month. Thirteen candles are needed in the church. Obligatory condition - you must pass the change in small coins. After that, after coming home, scatter all the coins on the floor. During the whole evening, do not touch them. Before going to bed, light the candles you bought and go to bed. In the morning, without washing, collect all the coins, wrap in a scarf and hide under your bed


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