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  • How Customers should determine if they are going to a Crappy Express Wash? This Express wash owners (below)&#8230;. Actually expects customers to wash their cars before going through their equipment.  But the customer is paying to get their car &#8220;clean&#8221;?  I can argue about equipment and prepping&#8230;. So lets not go there.  Lets just agree it is a labor issue&#8230;. I believe when your prices are $12,15,20 it &#8230; <p class="link-more"></p>
  • Conversation I had with my Wife Wife: &#8220;Can you drill holes in this for my friend?&#8221; Me: &#8220;Sure what size?&#8221; Wife: &#8220;Just drill normal size.&#8221; Me: &#8220;So what size is normal size?&#8221; Wife: &#8220;Just the standard size drill bit.&#8221; Me: &#8220;You do realize that drill bits come in literally every size?&#8221; Wife: &#8220;But there has to be a standard size.&#8221; Me: &#8230; <p class="link-more"></p>
  • Washcard’s New Money Making Plan Honestly I did not know they were still around anymore.  Cryptopay seems to be the only thing people talk or use for some reason?  (My original post had way to many opinions about both products so I just deleted it.  :)) I believe washcard use to be sold at kleenrite also?  (The only complain about &#8230; <p class="link-more"></p>
  • Pime Day is about HERE! I hate to act overly excited&#8230;. July 16 This is the time you usually want to purchase stuff.  Also around Christmas.  You need to check if out. Prime Day LINK Also if you do not have Amazon prime they are giving out 30 day fee trials for prime. I am actually hoping that amazon discounts &#8230; <p class="link-more"></p>
  • Funniest Thing I Have Heard in a Long Time…. So I was waiting for my daughter after school today and I heard something really funny.  Kids are funny&#8230;. Today I learned that Land Rovers break down constantly.  Well&#8230;. I might have already heard about that&#8230;. LOL
  • Just when you think you KNOW someone!? I am going to get electrocuted! Disclaimer: I realize an Electrician is a skilled position. I also thank Greg and YouTube for teaching me enough electrical knowledge so I have not had to call one. Mainly Greg in teaching me about a breaker box&#8230;. Opening it up etc. (Also all Electricians are not created equal&#8230;. I wish I got the name &#8230; <p class="link-more"></p>