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  • Conversation I had with my Wife Wife: “Can you drill holes in this for my friend?” Me: “Sure what size?” Wife: “Just drill normal size.” Me: “So what size is normal size?” Wife: “Just the standard size drill bit.” Me: “You do realize that drill bits come in literally every size?” Wife: “But there has to be a standard size.” Me: […]
  • My foam brush is just water! Where is the…. Foam brush stuff! :) When you are troubleshooting a foam brush problem it can be lots of problems.  This time the issue was “none of the foam brushes are working”.  So the first thing to do is verify if it is really all the bays are not working.  Always verify. Next check your dilution tank or holding tank…. Just […]
  • My high pressure car wash bay setup (For this original picture I had a Mosmatic 90 degree swivels…. I did not post my results yet.  But from my unscientific research conclusion.  I believe Mosmatic fittings are the nicest looking fittings, the most expensive fittings and do not last as long or as well as any of my other fittings I have used […]
  • How to reset your Hamilton Changer C2000 controller This is for a Hamilton C2000 controller Assuming you have an issue with your bill changer…. 1)  You should find the error code.  This is a code coming from your C2000 controller not your bill acceptor.  (This  light is indicated with the blue arrow.)  The code has 2 flash patterns and a pause in between the […]
  • How to troubleshoot not getting any water from your high pressure pump! Part 2 Here is PART 1 on troubleshooting a high pressure pump.  LINK This problem I believe depended on the time a customer allowed the bay to unload the high pressure.  Which varies greatly and would make this problem almost seem random.  You would also need to pay close attention which I did not…. This would be […]
  • Tools used when repairing the high pressure pump yesterday. When I was repairing the broken v belt from yesterday these were the tools I used. I really like the Milwaukee 2457-20 M12 ratchet Greg told me about…. I thought it was completely worthless also but it is a great tool.  I really wanted a 1/2 air Aircat 805-HT-5 High Torque Ratchet…. with 130 ft lbs of torque!  […]
  • How to troubleshoot not getting any water from your high pressure pump! Today, I had a high pressure pump not delivering water! The official complaint was: “I am here with a Coleman rep and we can not figure out what is wrong with all the bays! All the bays do not have high pressure rinse.” I asked are you sure it is all the bays…. But what […]
  • Do not be a Rectum…. Accept blame in your life! How is this seriously not Billy Rectum fault if he is backing into the road from his driveway?  Shouldn’t Rectum be paying better attention?  The part of the story I hate the most is the “my son in the car” part.  Plus why is “my son in the car” relevant?  It makes his whole story sound like […]
  • Exclusive Jim Coleman Pump Stand Prices! Sorry…. I had a phone call and ran away after the sales guy could not identify a Dixmor timer…. He also reminded me of my Dad.  Plus why would a timer even matter if you are switching to a push button?  (You actually do not even need a display.)  It was painful and random…. Even […]
  • My Mail Order Stripper Showed Up Today! The  Klein Tools 11055 strippers are engineered a lot better then my old yellow no name and my Neiko 01924A strippers. My yellow strippers look like the worse design but they did last longer then the Neiko. Even though technically the Neiko still work…. They are just annoying because the handle falls off (The handle can probably […]
  • So I Wanted a Stripper…. Then I Got the Phone Call! So I have liked strippers for the past 30 years.  My first stripper I purchased from Kmart (of all places) when they had employee appreciation day and I got 20% off.  My first yellow stripper lasted the longest until the blade fell off.  My second red Neiko 01924A lasted almost 5 years.  My Neiko’s plastic […]
  • My Article in the Fall SSCWN Magazine I always loved the old Self Serve Car Wash New Magazine run by JJJ / Jarret J. Jakubowski.  I remember waiting for the magazine to show up at my house.  I also remember asking my Dad why it did not show up on a regular basis. 
  • At least I am embarrassed for Rowe and their die hard customers. So the “new” award winning Rowe changers are made by Triad Design.  Website I never thought of this…. Basically because the chargers were not impressive using off the shelf parts.  I just expected the changer to be built by Rowe?  Why not?  I was kind of surprised to be honest. The other Rowe chargers used […]
  • UPDATE Quick disconnect fittings It looks like I installed my quick disconnect fittings in 2007? LINK Today I had a problem with the female stainless side (I assume SS the outside is not rusted.)…. The internals of the fitting is messed up. It was also connected to a brass male fitting which was rusted.  I am not sure if SS […]
  • When I grow up I am wiping boogers on the inside of my kids new car! I am making a list…. 1) Wipe boogers on my kid’s windows and seats in their car. 2) Constantly wipe my dirty hands all over the inside of the front window…. Also touch the rear view mirror. 3) New entry to my list…. Plant winter seed at their house. How many times will my kids […]
  • Nothing says America like…. Monster Jam! Monster Jams has to be the most American…. American event ever…. Well in America and the World! It has every aspect the world secretly loves but claims they hate about the United States all in one event. I even purchased $15 coton candy! LOL