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  • I actually LOL when I read this email! :) Disclaimer…. Note I did not post the “service provider’s name”…. So I am not disclosing this place.  I also do not know if the claim from Rowe is correct or if it is ever relevant with today’s information?  I am just making no claims here at all.  Just very humorous opinions…. That I personally have […]
  • Father’s Day or Just a Tool Sale :) Amazon has a lot of their tools on sale for Father’s day if you are in need of something? Or you did not notice their ad? Up to 35% off Dewalt items! So I believe that mean 35% off retail…. I can never figure out if it is actually a really good deal?
  • 2 types of cars they do not make anymore! Huge boat sports cars and station wagons! Actually the new Camaro and Mustang are probably around the same size…. but they do not have such HUGE hoods and trunks! LOL
  • Well I can not help but purchase these things! It is not my FAULT! LOL :) I feel like I should share my opinion on these Amazon Fire Kid tablets…. If you have kids? Well Amazon is running a 20% off when you purchase 3 tablets…. sure it is a lot of them!  I tried a couple kids tablets in the past and the “free time” is really the best value […]
  • What happened to AWESOME Signs? “Back in the Day” signs seemed to be way more creative than anything new.  I believe this is Glencoe, Alabama…. this is near Gadsden, Alabama. I do not think I have any personal car wash sign pictures but you understand my point.  Nothing says mediocre like a large rectangle or circle sign…..  BORING!  BUT TWO […]
  • I quit eating chicken for years because of this…. Seriously Well…. I eat chicken now though.  What is wrong with cramped quarters,  animals defecating on each other and not being able to stand up going to the slaughter house?  Do not get me wrong…. I was not a loser hippy, tree hugger, picketing chicken plants for the non-chicken years.  Seriously I got to go…. I […]
  • The real problems with a Homeowners association! Our homeowners association is a total joke for serious reasons.  But my problem is this…. FACEBOOK!  15 posts of bitching and Craigslist post. My favorite…. “Good afternoon, I just want to remind everyone (and remind your kids) to use the proper neighborhood access to the nature trail and river. It is located at the end […]
  • Gadsden, AL Self Serve I am not saying my wash is any better or worse…. This self serve is behind a Exxon gas station: 936 Rainbow Dr, Gadsden, AL 35901 2x ROWE BC-200 I hate to say it…. But there is a 92.94% change that 1 or both do not work.
  • How do I run air tools from my truck over DC? CHEAP! LOL :) Has anyone wanted to run some air tools from their truck?  What was your setup? These are some tools I was to try and use: Ingersoll Rand 1/4″ Air Die Grinder 3107G  3 CFM Ingersoll Rand 326G 3-Inch Edge Series Cut-off Air Tool  6 CFM Ingersoll Rand 170G 3/8-Inch Edge Series Drive Air Ratchet  3 […]