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  • Unitec Wash Select II Integration with KWIK TRIP (OPTION)…. WHAT?! If only the car wash industry was more like the computer industry or like the vending industry…. Kwik Trip (I assume is a gas station chain?  Which also brokered a deal with Unitec?) would not be the only fully integrated add on product.  (At least when there is a ribbon cable attaching to a daughter […]
  • Unitec E-Systems E-4000 Carwash Entry System I never heard of this unit…. it has a born on date of 2001. Cash only…. pretty much all the boards look reworked for the Wash Select 2? Okay…. I have a new theory why people like Unitec units. The amounts for the washes are on displays and not stickers? This is the reason Unitec […]
  • GO RUN…. “Excellent conditions all day, so no excuses!” Okay if there is a good Android Weather app let me know.  I hate this Weather Channel app it is one huge crappy advertisement / crappy video player.  Plus this running propaganda is to much…. when I start running everyone will know!  I will post it nonstop on my Facebook page!  LOL
  • Environmentally Friendly GARBAGE FIRES! LOL :) It took 5 years for the New York City MTA to realize they needed to clean up garbage?! They could have asked me….. Actual proof I did not make this stupid crap up:  LINK “The reason for canceling the experiment may have something to do with the pace of New York City life, its disposable […]
  • WHAT? A website with Jim Coleman Vacuum model numbers? (Only one?) NO WAY! LOL :) I was trying to figure out some Jim Coleman vacuum model numbers the other day and I was checking out Coleman’s web site.  Well I could not find a list.  I believe the Coleman numbers are random?  What on earth it the last number for? Only the “R” makes any sense. Model Number Coleman’s Web […]
  • Stupid Brand names…. Great customer service and the customer with a GOLDEN hammer! Well you know your company has a great name, brand loyalty and a great product when a company remembers your company name after 2 months!  Well what actually happened…. is amazing also.  I emailed this company then after 2 months I just showed up at their office unannounced.  My contact guy actually remembered my business […]
  • Crusty Calcium Brass Interesting how it was just a large chunk of crusty calcium.  I just slightly tapped the fitting on a stainless steel surface and everything worked great. What might have happened was…. I took everything apart and slammed the brass fitting repeatedly against the stainless surface until all the little pieces came out?  I do not […]
  • Worse insult ever! “QUIT BEING AN ACTOR!” LOL :) My son was really mad at me about something (probably reminding him to not yell in the house?)…. He stopped talking / yelling and had a dramatic pause then said…. “QUIT BEING AN ACTOR!”  It was the worse insult anyone has ever said to me. LOL
  • Self Serve Car Wash News Magazine Well I got my magazine today.  You know it is a good magazine when it quotes me…. making me seem like I know what I am talking about.  LOL
  • Proline Mark VII Manual from the 1980’s…. Thanks for the manual Daniel I got this Proline_Mark_VII_pump stand manual from the 1980’s from Daniel the other day. It is a pretty complete document for your Proline car wash. This is an Infa-Red Coin Switch…. I purchased some equipment one time that had these acceptors installed.  I should have kept the historical coin acceptors.