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Anyone using some creative name other than "Super Interior"?

2 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by tomchung about 1 year ago

So, in the "Express Detail" world, most people seem to break down into 4 categories. Seats, Carpets, Wax, and "Super Clean Interior". I'm sure most of you know what each does. Seats, carpets, and wax are pretty easy to explain... but the "Super Clean" thing is always a bit tricky. Does anyone here use some creative name other than the generic "Super Clean" to refer to that service? I have run across a very cool title that I really liked: "Dash 'N Doors". I like it because it takes the seats and carpets out completely so the customers do not expect them to be included in the "Super Interior Clean" package. But "Dash 'N Doors" sound a bit "ghetto"?

Does anyone here have a better title?


reply by Robert Roman about 1 year ago

Express detailing services have been around for about 30 years. Throughout this period, I don’t recall any other naming convention other than “interior super clean.”

Interior super clean was designed as go-between; more than full-service recipe but less than full-blown interior detail.

What attributes or tasks are supposed to be included?

Purge rear deck, seat crevices, AC vents, dash, cup holders, and console with high pressure air. Apply instant detailer (two-in-one cleaner/dressing) to dash, cup holders, door panels, and console. Brush in and dust off. Use crevice tool to vacuum between seats, cracks, door pockets, handles, etc. Vacuum seats and then carpet and mats with claw tool. Wipe out door jams and then clean windows.

Notice there is no “wet” work involved with above procedure.

Wash and vacuum, express detail and reconditioning are three distinct service categories.

They should be defined, priced and marketed as such to maximize the overall carwash operation.

reply by jmoran 12 months ago

I would tend to agree, I have never been a fan of this service or the name of it because it is too ambiguous and leaves too much room for error. A more specific name like you described would lend itself to alleviating some of the issues related to this express service.

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