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Reclaim aeration questions

1 reply created about 1 year ago
posted by Jbeatty about 1 year ago

Hello All,

I just purchased an older car wash and laundromat which I plan on brining back to its former glory.
The car wash has a closed loop reclaim system which runs off of well water. The water stinks and drives customers away including me before I bought it. The old owner once had an ozone system but it broke and he never fixed it and he was pouring odor ban into the system to attempt to make it smell better. On top of that the old owner only cleaned the tanks once a year.
I want to eliminate or extremely improve the smell of the water. I have been doing some research and see that many people use aerators to add oxygen to break down the matter and help with the smell.
My questions are as follows
Do you put an aerator in each tank?
What brand and manufacturer have some of you used?
Has it helped with odor issues?
If there are other solutions to improve the smell of the reclaimed water please feel free to add them here.
I appreciate your time and comments



reply by Earl Weiss about 1 year ago

I buy swimmming pool chlorine tablet and throw some in the soap dilution stations. I may if things seem unusually bad throw a few on the tunnel floor in very wet areas to dissolve over time. I do this about once a week which is about how long it takes the tablets to dissolve. I don't throw them in the reclaim pit because I fear they will sink into the mud and not be effective.

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