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MCWW Profiler Dryer System Issue

2 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by GSBZ2112 about 1 year ago

My customer has a Motor City set up in his express tunnel. Our company has recently received his 6 washes as our customer. We are a tunnel chemical supplier and detail supplier with a show room and myself with one other guy complete out Tech/Service dept.
So, the tunnel ends with the Profile Dryers. Well, the 3 top 10HP producer in a triangle layout, 0ne facing the entrance end and the other two right behind them facing the exit end. Right after that are 4 producers on one arch and they are either 30 or 40 HP guys.
The controller is,,....Well, it's and ICS controller,....sorry sorry, sorry.....and from what I can tell, the profiler is powered and see's the signal from the controller (Green power light is lit and blue ready signal light is lit when the vehicle passes thru. The nozzle extensions for the producers...(the actual Profiling part)....will operate/extend manually with the mac valves push button, but they have only been seen to work on it's own maybe 2 times recently.
Went thru the program set up with ICS on the phone and that relay is set as "Deselective" for all wash settings, the relay itself is functioning and the air pressure for the nozzles is good. Well there at 25 psi I beliefe and MCWW says set at 60psi.
IF the issue is the AIR, then I'm gunna be pissed off AND a Happy Tech a the same time.
Today we noticed that one of the breakers in the control panel on the arch was tripped. Ready light then started coming back on after reset, but still no extended nozzles happening.
I waited for bout 2 hours on a call back from MCWW's techs, but then realized the time difference (Them east coast and me right on the edge of the west coast (LA/San Diego) and gave up on the waiting.
Can anyone tell me or point me in the right direction? I don't think its a signal from controller issue, wait,...unless it's a bad/low voltage in the signal wire, ....and so I think it's an issue inside the MCWW Profiler control box.
Anything? Anyone?


reply by asjaffa about 1 year ago

If the Ready signal is on, then most likely it's a photo eye issue. One side is the emitter, and the other side is the Receiver. While we've had both cause problems, in most cases we find that the lens on the emitter was cracked so it wasn't sending a good beam.

Remove the plastic cover over the photoeyes and take a look at the sensors. The receiver will blink yellow when it has a good signal, and then the light goes out when you put your hand in front.

I move these around to find which one is bad. You'll need an 11/16" wrench to remove the nut on the outside of the sensor.

reply by GSBZ2112 about 1 year ago

already moved them sensors all around and still wont come down. I'm here now and have a new emitter and receiver, and a new solenoid valve. Seeing that the sensors are easy enough to work with and can do this while cars are coming thru, I'll try swapping some out with each of these new. But I'm thinking it's either a signal to the solenoid for the exit nozzles (which could me a bad connection bad wire or bad component) or its the damn solenoid. But they come down when I manually operate the solenoid.

OK,....Sensor swap fest again it is.

Thanks for the reply and info asjaffa. I'll let ya know.

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