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RPM adjusting on wraps powered by Power Pack

4 replies created 9 months ago
posted by GSBZ2112 9 months ago

So I understand the flow control valve, the bypass with single or multiple valves and torque for a power pack, but how does one know the RPM's a wrap is spinning at?
There are many manufacturers of car wash equipment that require a set range of RPM's per chain speed for the wraps and other brushes to run at to be operating correctly.
How can I set a specific RPM from a control valve on a power pack?
Are there such gadgets that can tell me this? Like those cool LASER / Temperature guns?......Those are cool but I'm thinking there is no such animal for determining wrap RPM's.


reply by pcb 9 months ago

I use a piece of flagging tape or a plastic bag and tie it to the brush and count how many times it comes around for 15 seconds and multiply by 4.

reply by Earl Weiss 9 months ago

You can buy a strobe that will measure RPMs but I use the tape / bag / count method. I usually have someone else count while I time or vica versa. I set RPM for what the fastest chain speed will be and I do not adjust again when I change chain speed.

reply by Earl Weiss 9 months ago

FWIW I think you should use MFGR specs as a guide. Not an absolute.

reply by GSBZ2112 9 months ago

And here I am thinking all HIGH TECH. Thanks guys

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