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Coleman Entry PayStations to lose processing soon

9 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by PanamaJim about 1 year ago

Entry 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 pay stations will lose Chase Paymentech processing ability May 31st. Those with 3.0 units MAY(or may not) have the ability to be reprogramed in the next week or so.


reply by robblackburn about 1 year ago

Has anyone talked with Chase Paymentech directly ? Is this date likely to be extended ? There does seem to be a software/hardware upgrade available but not sure how smart it is to spend more money on old outdated and unsupported hardware. Any thoughts ?

reply by PanamaJim about 1 year ago

I didn't but I just tried to change to the new URL at the bottom of their letter Quick Pay-Chase support said the transaction never process and changing my config corrupted my thumb drive.

Wayne @B&C said he would know today (Friday) or Monday if he will be able to get
the 3.0 to process. But that's a maybe. He may never get the 1.0 or 2.0 to process.

I will decide Monday if I am changing brands or sending units to him for 3.0 one at a time.

I am looking at the Unitec Sentinels for my expresses.

reply by PanamaJim about 1 year ago

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reply by robblackburn about 1 year ago

I have the Entry Wizard 1.0 ( 7 total in service ) and not sure what to do. I will call Wayne on Monday but really do not expect much help from B&C. Have you talked with Shaun Chowdery regarding his upgrade option ?

reply by PanamaJim about 1 year ago

No I haven't. Been dealing with Wayne only for the last few years. I haven't talked to Shaun in quite a while. 7...that's a bunch. I asked Steve Weeks about using CryptoPay in my 2.0s but he said impossible

reply by robblackburn about 1 year ago

Any thoughts on installing CryptoPay on entry Wizard ? I am not sure that it could be done because of issue of swipes and entry wizard communication.

reply by PanamaJim about 1 year ago

Steve Weeks told me no way.

reply by PanamaJim about 1 year ago

Dear Carwash owner:

Couple of days back I emailed to some of you about the fix/patch for SHA-2 and TLS v1.2. Since then I spoke to a few of my regular clients over the phone to follow up and found that some of you never received my email. So I am sending it again just to reconfirm.

I was also asked about the EMV option. We thought about it too in the first place. However, due to current hardware and Operating System restrictions, it won't be possible to implement the credit card acceptance with EMV option at this time. Available card readers are also not environment or water resistance. Due to such reason, it has been delayed by the other industries such as Gas/Petroleum market.

At WashPal LLC, we are working to build an easy friendly cost effective futuristic solution replacing your current computer product that could be retrofit and solve all most all of your problems and demands including EMV option. We are in the R&D stage. We may keep you posted on the development if you are interested. In that line of work, from WashPal, we are extending our services to fix an immediate important problem on credit card processing (please read the below portion of the email for more info).

If you have any question or concern you may call my cell directly at 713-907-6101 or my office number 713-999-9048 7 days a week.

Dear Customer

You are aware that before Wednesday May 31st 2017 your car wash point of sale needs to comply with the new security standards SHA-2 and TLS v1.2 or higher. Afterwards without the new standards you won’t be able to accept and process credit cards through Chase Paymentech.

We at WashPal LLC can provide you with the fix/patch for SHA-2, TLS v1.2, enhanced industry Internet security standard and encryption along with the certification for your Carwash POS system. Prices for the fix and optional future update are as below:




Fix/Patch for Credit card processing for SHA-2. TLS v1.2 compliance with up-to-date Paymentech SSL certificate

One time fixed cost per unit
Free monitoring for 30 days after installation

$ 2199.00

Optional Future Service Update (if any) for credit card processing, Paymentech certificate, new compliance, etc.

Each carwash location to be expired on Dec 31st 2018

$ 299.00

Please read carefully, print and sign the attach agreement and send us back along with a check for the service. Once received we will schedule for the patch installation. It is advised to revert at an early date to ensure the installation is done before May 31st. The patch installation will be done remotely. You would require providing us with technical information as per the attached technical form before installation.

The patch is solely pertaining to credit card processing compliance. It is not a fix or change or update of the original carwash kiosk system or a prevailing problem there in (if any). Our fix covers all current requirements by Paymentech. If any update is required in the future due to any new requirement including obtaining new SSL certificate and you did not subscribe to our service update option, cost for such fix would be determined separately.

Please also note that price mentioned above is one time and covers all costs to ensure your credit card processing comply with current requirement and it does not get blocked. We will NEITHER obtain any monitory benefit NOR share from your credit card sales. Transaction privacy is also being protected.

Should you have any concern please do not hesitate to communicate with us by email to or by phone (713) 999-9048 or by fax (713) 999-9047 or my direct email Cell: 713-907-6101.​

reply by washpal about 1 year ago

Our SHA-2 / TLS v1.2 solution has already been implemented in several car wash and verified by Chase Paymentech. The price is $2199 per unit.

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