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Jim Coleman Vending island

2 replies created over 3 years ago
posted by Parkmoor carwashh over 3 years ago

I am currently looking into purchasing a 10 vendor unit with the controller that has the bill acceptor also. I was curious if anybody has had the Jim Coleman central vending island? Pros? Cons? I have found on the internet the manual on programming the unit and instructions for install but I have not yet been able to find parts for the unit. I will need a new face decal for the controller and the small vend decals for by the key pad. any help would be great.



reply by Earl Weiss over 3 years ago

I would compare costs and features to something like a sure vend unit.

reply by kevinmcf about 1 year ago

I had a sure vend years ago problems with LED display sun washed it out, do not know if they ever fixed? I heard D&S was better but are expensive. Most decals are free at Kleenrite, some of the larger ones; 5 column tree, industrial vacs decal have a fee. I am trying to get owner to replace with the coleman unit the other laural electric work nice but need 24v and cost to convert $$.
I do not remember site off hand I found it searching for colman vending decals, they did custom decals under $40

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