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Futura, UniOp Upload Protection password

0 replies created 3 days ago
posted by eckert16 3 days ago

We have a Futura SSA, and the manufacturer went out of business of course. We've been working on getting the programs downloaded from the system. We succeeded in getting the 90-30 PLC program downloaded via VersaPro and Proficy (both worked with downloading it), LogicMaster90 would not download.

The unit has a UniOP CP01 as the HMI. The UniOP has a program loaded on it, which we are attempting to download. However, when we connect the Designer6 software cable to it, and select Upload to recover the program from the UniOp, we get an Upload Protection screen for a password. Do any of you have a password for this stage that you could share with me? It may be the exact password we need, or it'll at least give us an idea of which types of passwords to try on it.



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