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Help with soap foamers!

2 replies created 10 days ago
posted by Failnobra88 10 days ago

I've been having trouble with keeping my soap consistent on high volume days. I usually run around 100-150 cars a day, but lately I have been averaging about double that. I've noticed the soap comes out either as it should, very light or not at all, and there's no way to tell which one between cars. I've replaced my flojet pumps and my air regulators but it hasn't fixed the problem. Could it be clogged hoses/equipment or something else?


reply by Ryko CS 10 days ago

The foaming pads in your system may have become clogged, or simply compacted. In either case, you may want to try replacing the foaming pads to see if that helps to resolve the issue.

reply by Carwash Dan 9 days ago

Could be several things....when you say it comes out light, do you mean the strength or volume?
Is there an air source or just foamy liquid?
Have you had other busy days in the past when this has happened before this last time?
My first thought is ( if in fact only on busy days) the coil for the soap solenoid is getting hot and intermittently failing or your air compressor can't keep up and flojets are starving for air

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