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how to clean glass of inbays?

5 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by washtecnic about 1 year ago


what product and how you reccommend me to clean and keep clear shinny clean the inbays wall which I have them made of clear glass?

soap, foam, wax etc etc are agressive on the glass which divides my inbays, I clean them often with demineralized/osmotized water but its not enought I have tried many glass cleaning products but still cant find an effective one.

Please recommend me, should it be acid or alkaline product?



reply by Robert Bailey about 1 year ago

try sprayway worlds best glass cleaner..

reply by William Dowd about 1 year ago

ZEP makes a product called VETO, Use it on my customers and works like a charm!

reply by Carl B. Shinin about 1 year ago

I've used various chemicals I already have, TC straight from the drum, same with PS, brillo pads, Nu-Wall, and probably a couple of other things I don't recall. None of them worked. My glass looks like hell and I wish I had never put it in.

reply by AutomationMD about 1 year ago

Glass in carwashes eventually just cannot be cleaned. Untill it gets to the point that it needs replaced, we use a large industrial razor blade with glass cleaner.

reply by br549 about 1 year ago

HF acid will clean them, but it etches the glass also. It happens slowly but over time it will frost glass. Stain glass assemblers use it full strength to frost glass. Dilute 30:1 spray on and rinse. Don't get this stuff on you. Google HF
Look for aluminum brightner in your area.

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