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conveyor jams

3 replies created 10 months ago
posted by Rick j 10 months ago

we have a new belanger conveyor wash and the conveyor jams usually once maybe twice a day. The roller runs into the fork of the mechanism as it is part way up.

The hardware and mac valve is the second set. DRB says it is hardware issue. We have the pressure set at 90lbs to raise the hardware. we have it set to call for 2 rollers and it can happen on the first or second one. It is not the same roller we have marked them.

Anyone have ideas or having the same issues?


reply by AutoWashUSA 10 months ago

What model belanger? I have one the has the triangle style roller up system, where a small air cylinder pushes the piece about half way up, then the roller itself pushes it all the way up. This air cylinder has 2 small flow control valves on it, one for roller up and the other for roller down. If the down flow control is too tight, the fork will go down too slow and the next roller might catch it potentially causing a jam -- this never happened to me though, and my belanger actually never jammed since new, I had it installed in 2016.

reply by Rick j 10 months ago

Thanks for the reply. We replaced the prox sensor and adjusted the way drb called for the second roller. No jams for several days now!

reply by Rick j 10 months ago

Now if I could get a little dryer cars and no spotting. Life would be perfect.

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