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0 replies created 11 months ago
posted by BhaveshB 11 months ago

Hi All,

I'm looking to get into the full service car wash business where by cars go through the tunnel system and then detailing gets done once vehicle exits tunnel. I am very new to this but it looks interesting and I understand it is hard work, having said that:

1. Would anybody have an idea of where I can a feasibility study for a full service car wash or at least some information on what I can use as assumptions ie cost per car, variable and fixed.

2.How many staff full or part time may be needed internally and external on site staff ie mangers, manual labor to dry vehicle after it comes out of the blowers in the tunnel?

3. Sales assumptions ie. car per day/month, what kind of profit is expected or profit margins

4. What kind of initially equipment should be installed by experience what suppliers for chemicals, waxes, sealants should be utilized, what brand is reliable for the tunnel system installation ie Sonny etc

I know all of this is definitely on a case to case basis however anything would be appreciated as I'm so new to this. I'm looking to set up in Houston, TX.



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