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Best Equipment

2 replies created 28 days ago
posted by louie 28 days ago

I purchased a run down car wash. The current equipment is NS and not working properly. The building is only 60 feet with an existing front pull conveyor set up. I am going to extend the conveyor to 85 feet which would allow for a rear push conveyor set up. I am going to completely remove all the existing equipment. I wanted to know your opinion of equipment choices.
Conveyor- Mac Neil vs. Peco
Equipment - Mac Neil vs. Peco.
Going with ICS controller and pay station.

Any thoughts about equipment or suggestions would be well appreciated.


reply by hkim3106 28 days ago

What made you choose between only Peco and Macneil?

reply by louie 27 days ago

I currently have a car wash with some peco equipment and a peco conveyor. I have noticed more washes choosing Mac Neil over Peco conveyors. I have seen some car washes with sonny's equipment and have noticed quality issues in a short period of time. I have never seen a Belenger tunnel or any of the other brands.

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