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Best Equipment

3 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by louie about 1 year ago

I purchased a run down car wash. The current equipment is NS and not working properly. The building is only 60 feet with an existing front pull conveyor set up. I am going to extend the conveyor to 85 feet which would allow for a rear push conveyor set up. I am going to completely remove all the existing equipment. I wanted to know your opinion of equipment choices.
Conveyor- Mac Neil vs. Peco
Equipment - Mac Neil vs. Peco.
Going with ICS controller and pay station.

Any thoughts about equipment or suggestions would be well appreciated.


reply by hkim3106 about 1 year ago

What made you choose between only Peco and Macneil?

reply by louie about 1 year ago

I currently have a car wash with some peco equipment and a peco conveyor. I have noticed more washes choosing Mac Neil over Peco conveyors. I have seen some car washes with sonny's equipment and have noticed quality issues in a short period of time. I have never seen a Belenger tunnel or any of the other brands.

reply by AutoWashUSA 10 months ago

I have belanger conveyor and macneil brushes. Their dryers are nice too but have more moving parts than belanger so I went with a 5 motor belanger with elephant ears. So far everything has been very reliable since 2016.

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