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RTC node error-shuts wash cycle down

1 reply created 12 months ago
posted by CFeric 12 months ago

Thought I would try to post here:

Macneil equipment. DRB on the back end. RTC box as our tunnel controller.

We replaced a node in the RTC after our wash shuts down MULTIPLE times per day during the wash cycle. After replacing node it is still doing it. Every few minutes we have cars in mid wash and the wash cycle shuts down. Any suggestions?!


reply by br549ms 11 months ago

I also have a Macneil equipped tunnel with RTC. We had same issues when first opening. first, the anti-collision sensor had water in the junction box at end of tunnel. drilled a small hole at bottom of box, fixed that issue. Second, the VFDs will fault causing the equipment to shut down, could be power spikes or harmonics. they can be set to Auto reset. last, the pulse sensor on conveyor at exit end will start slipping causing a pulse error, factory uses a hose to couple the encoder. if that is problem post again and I will tell you how to fix with a much more reliable setup.

At the RTC panel on the MCC in equipment room, you can view alarm pages and history. there is also a black box recorder function on the panel. Call tech support and they can talk you through it, if your vendor / distributor cannot help.

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