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DRB 4.0

4 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by baronman about 1 year ago

I am running a old tunnel watch system, thinking about going to the new 4.0, looking for any feedback.


reply by DaveM about 1 year ago

Installed TW 4.0 about 18 months ago. It has been a very good experience. The programming options are great, easy to use and just as reliable as the old TunnelWatch.

reply by aethom5 11 months ago

We've got both, the older TW 3 at one location and the new TW 4 at another. Once they worked out the bugs I really started enjoying TW 4. It allows for "on the fly" device changes so its really easy to dial-in devices, and not have to wait until a car goes through to change something.
The sonar that is compatible with it helps save chemical going into truck beds, as well as our top brush from dropping in them as well. It's a lot more reliable than an employee on the line remembering to retract.
We rarely have to call support for any TW issues anymore, mainly for SiteWatch. All in all, i'd recommend the change!

reply by baronman 10 months ago

Changed to the tunnel watch 4.0, pretty easy switch over,much better system, easy to program and change settings, I have to say the tech support is good, no problem getting someone on the phone with DRB,had both pay stations go down after storm ,UNITEC, nightmare with tech support, if UNITEC doesn't change or improve its support they won't stay in business,

reply by pcb 10 months ago

Unitec is DRB. DRB bought them out.

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