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Best Equipment Manufacturer?

10 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by Attacks15 about 1 year ago

Hi All,

New investor, looking to purchase a run down car wash. Mostly all equipment in the tunnel needs to be replaced. Who would you recommend replacing with? Sonny's, Ryko, Hanna, MotorCity, other? Mix and match?

I am and the wash is in Houston, TX. Your input is greatly appreciated.


reply by Robert Roman about 1 year ago

Generally speaking, when taking over a rundown carwash, it’s not advisable to first make a wholesale investment in new equipment.

The reason is the formula for carwash success is 20 percent splash and equipment and 80 percent customer service.

Equipment doesn’t need to be replaced unless it’s functionally obsolete. In other words, it can no longer do the job.

There is nothing as worthless as used carwash equipment and parts. Used can be bought for $0.10 to $0.20 on the dollar.

Piece together what you need now to produce clean, dry and shiny, and then buy “new” stuff later when there is sufficient sales to support debt.

One attribute of buying a going concern is immediate cash flow. So, why start off by burdening it unnecessarily with debt?

reply by Earl Weiss about 1 year ago

If "Bones"/ Structure is good. Consider replacing worn parts. Cloth, bearings etc. Something like a conveyor with structural rot may have to be replaced. Brushes still go round and round, Mitters mitt, and blowers blow. Little has changed in the last 20 years . Tire shiners may be an excepion. We have seen pads go away in favor of Brushes. Sheet foamers have gone away from blowing air thru a trough to using 3 foamers on a tray. Cleaning stuff, putting up FRP, New LED Lighting Colored and white, new cloth, bubbles can make a huge impact.

reply by AutoWashUSA about 1 year ago

I remodeled mine last year. Went with belanger conveyor, wheel brush and dryer, everything else is MacNeil.

reply by Attacks15 about 1 year ago

Thanks for all of the responses.

I'm looking to get some quotes on total car wash property rehab. New tunnel equipment, new vacuums, add pay stations, architecture face lift, landscaping, site layout planning.

Do you have any recommendations on companies to work with?

Right now I've spoken with a one stop shop, but they are a Sonny's dealer. So I would be at their mercy for product selection. How do folks go about mixing and matching equipment? Do they analyze each piece individually? But who helps make sure it all works well together if you are splitting up brands?


reply by Dcf4eva about 1 year ago

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reply by Attacks15 about 1 year ago

How would you compare an all Sonny's tunnel vs. all Hanna tunnel equipment. Conveyor will be what's already in there.

My understanding is Sonnys is aluminum and Hanna is stainless steel which is supposed to be better.

Any other differences to consider?

reply by Earl Weiss about 1 year ago

I have Aluminum - Belanger and others including Sonny's and Stainless - Peco and AVW. They both last just about forever. I think if there is a welding issue some welders are better with stainless. You can use harsher chemical to keep stainless looking new, but from inside a car covered with soap and water it's difficult to notice much difference.

reply by Robert Roman about 1 year ago

flynnhardey33 says to wash cars fully, adapting the right instruments is a must. Contact Aquarama Australia as they always bestow leading Car Wash Equipment services to their customers.

reply by Attacks15 about 1 year ago

From my discussion with folks, I will avoid Sonny's.

So now it's between Hanna or MacNeil tunnel equipment. If you were to replace your tunnel equipment, would you do it with Hanna or MacNeil?

What are the things people consider when deciding? How can someone new actually go about evaluating the better product?

reply by spartan72 11 months ago

Love to speak with you.. We specialize in Hanna and Belanger, We just got done with 2 in Charleston And Huntington WV,,, Give me a call Mike Freeman 3046611277.... Look forward to hearing from you..Heading to Ohio and Salt Lake next. WE love to

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