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Carwash Mag article on Monthly passes

2 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by PanamaJim about 1 year ago

Auto Laundry News - April 2013
The Monthly Pass — Increase Your Business by Increasing Frequency of Visits

By AJ Rassamni


reply by Earl Weiss about 1 year ago

Several large holes in the equations like "No matter where you are it costs $1.35 to put a car thru the tunnel for water, power and Chemicals.
1. Costs vary widely by local
2. Ignores heating water / natural gas cost
3. Ignores maintenance. On an annualized basis for volume it runs me around .25 a car plus a factor of perhaps .10 car for long term equipment replacement.

reply by PanamaJim about 1 year ago

As I look back to the Express Model (exterior wash+paystations+free vacs) I have seen it transition from a low cost ($3 or less) street single purchase driven model to a $6..$7...$8 model to cover the much larger investment required in controls, equipment and paystations. Now we have lost that "driver" of the low cost factor and programs are needed to boost volume $. I remember when all we had was "hot wax"...then "acid wheel cleaning" for spoked wheels. Package deals became the "modus operendi" for increasing sales. Internet high speed processing with pay stations and tire shine equipment were necessary inventions for the original espress model to work. This RFID technology is adding another wrinkle to the packaging ability of operators. I'm jumping into very soon. I'll let you know the results. I'll be the first in my market to try it. I am $6,$8,$10, $15 currently. I recently raised my base 15 mths ago from $5 to $6. So I am not changing my base. Below is my new menu.

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