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Micrologic EMV Chip Conversion

3 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by slt about 1 year ago

We recently upgraded our POS with an Open Edge EMV chip reader integrated into Micrologic's software. Since the conversion on March 28th it's been nothing but an accounting nightmare with none of the daily cc #'s remotely matching what appears on our daily reports along with a mystery payments category that fills up with random unattributed "payments" throughout the day. If you compare your cc batch deposits to your Micrologic reports they are sometimes close but never on.

Micrologic of course says this is isolated to just us which is false. I am in contact with a local operator experiencing the same issues and even spoke to the tech guys at the show who admitted that the mystery payments number is a glitch they have yet to solve.

My question is has anyone else out there experienced any of these issues and have any been solved to any level of satisfaction? Micrologic has been less then forthcoming with us and their lack of communication though not surprising as that has always been the case is nonetheless very frustrating at this point. Any pointers or workarounds would be much appreciated!


reply by washentireauto about 1 year ago

I have issue with openedge, they dotn provide a statement that is downloadable at month end. As for micrologic, the reports are ok, but things pop up occasionally when no one has touched anything, and they go in and adjust a setting and it works again. We had reliability issues with the new tablet - waiting to hear back from the tablet manufacturer. I dotn know why they dont just make a google ap for it - thats the future. There should be no need for special hardware other than the server and TC.

reply by washentireauto about 1 year ago

Update - Miguel warranted the tablet problem - it was not really a Micrologic problem it was a manufacturer problem based upon what I know. It was good service for Micrologic to stand behind an issue for their customer - Good People! 5 stars for Micrologic

reply by slt about 1 year ago

Update, Micrologic has stepped up and found a solution. We are now balancing.

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