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Looking into opening a automatic tunnel car wash

3 replies created 11 months ago
posted by MrNik 11 months ago

Hi, I'm looking to get into the car wash business and have a few questions if anyone can help answer.

1. Where can i find the best source to get knowledgeable information about the car wash industry.

2. How much investment is needed to start one including equipment, permits, environmental impact fees, building cost. Rough estimate is okay.



reply by AutoWashUSA 11 months ago

It depends on several factors - your location, type of wash (express exterior, flex service, self service, etc...) equipment brands and so many other factors.

Start by watching some youtube videos from Sonny's and Tommy Carwash to get a basic grasp on what's involved but do a lot more research after that.

I believe Sonny's offers some DVDs with more in depth info.

You can spend from hundreds of thousands to millions, it really depends on what you want to do -- and if you don't know what kind of wash you'd prefer to own, start by learning about them first. You can also find an existing old one that can be remodeled. The options are endless.

reply by Robert Roman 11 months ago

reply by Earl Weiss 11 months ago

"You can spend from hundreds of thousands to millions, " Spending 100s of thousands is unlikely for a new build. For a distressed operation anything can happen , but the acquisition cost is just the beginning. Let's use a Sonny's 100' package as an example. It's $300K to load it on the truck. Shipping and install has to be $50K. Now, you have land and building costs. 2500 squarefoot building at $200 / foot is $500,000. Plus land, soft costs etc. Under a Million? I don't think so.

Want to make a million dollars in the Car Wash business? Start with $2 Million.

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