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Who is producing very dry cars without labor?

6 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by AutoWashUSA about 1 year ago

With a combination of chemistry and decent dryers, I do get an almost dry car but there are always small water drops left on mirrors and backs. My tunnel is short (85 ft) so I'd like some input on how other operators are getting dry cars, as I'm thinking about eliminating labor at the exit end - it slows down the process. On busy days I could process more cars if I didn't have to dry them down manually.


reply by Earl Weiss about 1 year ago

Flip nozzles for the backs and the mirrors can help a lot.

reply by AutoWashUSA about 1 year ago

My drier is a 5 motor belanger air canon. Does a great job and has been installed following factory parameters, but some small water drops still stay.
Sides have the long 'elephant ears'.

reply by washentireauto about 1 year ago

To me this is one of the most important issues tunnels need to reduce labor. The equipment manufacturer who can come up with something innovative such as 3 axis robots and a system will win. The way I see it? 3 employees on staff x $10 hr plus taxes x 285 open days per year is $150,000 in labor costs, plus all the comp claims bc they consumed too much the night before and you had to let them go....
The robots are coming.

reply by Emeralds about 1 year ago

I have an old Protovest Stripper 90 that is a nightmare. It come into contact with cars so much that I have to replace it. I am looking at the Aerodryer 2 tower, three 10hp to solve the dry car woes. I have heard pro and con. By the way, this is not actually an Aerodryer made by Worldwide, rather a similar model by International Drying Corp. Think this would help?

reply by washentireauto about 1 year ago

We use plenty of drying agent on a full arch, a timed rear sprayer, and jets pointing towards the exit. We have an IP Stripper 30hp with an air gate which since some trial software settings and updates has worked great, plus we use a backwards facing 15hp blower overhead and two 15hp Sonnys elephant ears with gates. Most cars come with minor drops.
But customers want a wiped dry car without paying for labor. Of course they want you to restore their car to showroom condition for $15 too.

reply by kevinmcf about 1 year ago

a newer way I think called Flash Dry! A 15HP straight down blower like an Areo set up 2 ft from last arch, Then I use a series of sonnies 10hp @ normal drip space, I like 10s over 15s, less cost to operate less expensive motors, 10s easier to replace, less problems with impellers.
I didn't believe it until I tried it. The idea is; it uses the impetus of water flow off the car the drying agent is for the most part still there. As most cars the hood roof trunk are smooth rounded surfaces so very little help is needed there.
2 staggered top blowers offset towards the edges of car pointing down and 1 set of side blowers. now you still may need a set of reverse blowers to get into mirrors and whatnot to finish.
The second alternative is sonnies buff-n-dry I seen them operate and do an excellent job, my concern was maintenance, cleaning and cost of replacing cloth, as I'm sure they get dirty especially in a short tunnel. Cost $35,000!

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