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DRB Wash Programming ?

1 reply created 10 months ago
posted by robblackburn 10 months ago

I am setting up a new tunnel that will have a DRB tunnel watch controller ( actually 2 of them) and 2 DRB XPT terminals with gates. I am receiving different opinions regarding the setup and programming of wash packages. Is it best practice to program washes in SiteWatch and then have it pass the data to tunnel watch to process car thru vehicle. The other option is to have the wash packages all programmed inside tunnel watch. Thanks .


reply by AutoSpa 10 months ago

We have five tunnel locations with DRB. Our Tunnelwatch has one basic wash package programmed into it and all the add on's are programmed in Tunnelwatch separate on buttons or relays. Sitewatch has all of the wash packages programmed into it which is the basic wash with whatever add on's your upper wash packages need. Sitewatch then tells Tunnelwatch to fire off the basic wash package and whatever add on that the wash includes.

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