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Surface mounted conveyor

2 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by Classic car wash about 1 year ago

Changing my RO to a tunnel. Thinking about a surface mounted conveyor but don't know anything about them or who makes them. Trying to save about $40,000. Any suggestions.


reply by Robert Roman about 1 year ago

After checking out your website, I took a peak at the site location.

I don’t see too many self-service facilities being operated as full-service wash and detail shop.

If you want to keep current business model, I could show you how to maximize this site without a tunnel. Why save $40K when you can save $150,000 as well as make more money.

reply by Classic car wash about 1 year ago

we are not a self serv. but a flex serv, most of our business is full service and detail work. we are just maxed out with our RO equipment with exterior wash at about 4 min. each. Need about 4 per min. Average wait time on weekends is over one hour.

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