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Log chain initial wear in

4 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by PanamaJim about 1 year ago

Any experience out there with air tension settings on log chain?
As I've been told there is a break in period where the links begin wearing
into each other allowing them to stay on the drive sprocket with less air tension. It's taking 80psi to keep the chain on initially and I'm hoping to reduce that soon and save chain wear. I've been told 35-45psi are better run pressures after break in. ANY EXPERIENCE? Sonny's 110' over under conveyor with 3'6" spacing.



reply by Earl Weiss about 1 year ago

I don't know how much the tension pressure affects wear. When a car is on the conveyor the weight of the car or multiple cars being pulled will put more tension from the first car on the conveyor to the sprocket. The tension cylinder will take up the slack from after the sprocket to the take up where there is no weight being pulled, and when there are no cars on the line. So, you can just judge by not having much sag in the return / bottom of the chain and use whatever minimum pressure will accomplish that with and without cars on the conveyor.

reply by PanamaJim about 1 year ago the weight of the vehicles is more of a factor than the air tension. I've been using x458 and had many issues with sprockets wearing down and dog bone wear. My site that maintains 1/2 of the trough full of water got over 600,000 washes off a single x458. My site with a dry trough is not going to do half of that with an x458. Earl, how many vehicles do you get off of a log chain?

reply by Earl Weiss about 1 year ago

My comment was one of general theory for any chain. I don't use log chain. I use X348 which lasts about 250,000 cars. Easy to work with. At one time I considered X458 but the distributor said there were issues with it hanging on the sprocket.

reply by PanamaJim about 1 year ago

exactly, the additional length of the 458 when it goes around the sprocket is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Our sprocket diameters are too small for the length. too much air pressure on the chain tension causes premature wear of the sprocket and drum. I've had a return drum cut in half after only 30k cars. I've installed Vaughin sprocket sides to keep the chain on the sprocket at lower pressures but even it's bolts begin to wear.

But I must add Earl, my location that I can adjust the water level in the trough to above the bottom return...I got over 600,000 washes off my X458 chain and good life on the mid profile pushers. It was the sprocket and drums I had issues with. Got rid of the return drum and put in a Vaughn return sprocket. Hell of a racket but it lasted longer.

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