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3 replies created 6 months ago
posted by Jon-Michael 6 months ago

Anyone have any experience with washify? Seems good but looking for someone who has had it or has it.


reply by Kevin.SLCW 6 months ago

We use washify at Streamline Car Wash, and it's an average system. It works well for us, but there are some things that, while they do not hinder our operations, just make things a bit tedious. Overall though, they are definitely a good system to use.

reply by aldanamichael7 3 months ago

Iam curious to know Kevin the some things part that makes things a bit tedious...employees, reporting, loyalty programs etc..

thanks for the feedback!

reply by flynnhardey33 3 months ago

If you want your vehicles to be completely get cleansed of unnecessary dirt without any struggle, then go for self-server car wash service with no second thoughts.

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