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Mirror damage at the car wash

7 replies created over 2 years ago
posted by Jimmy Jaffa over 2 years ago

Thought I would share a photo of one of our customers car. Customer wanted to fill out damage claim form!



reply by tomchung over 2 years ago

Wow... really?

reply by Earl Weiss over 2 years ago

Been there. "It was on when I went thru" . Tell them to go to the store and get more glue.

reply by fullservr over 2 years ago

Gorilla glue FTW.

reply by kevinmcf over 2 years ago

Been there done that. One time I had a brand new Cadillac only 6 months old, the mirror broke off. Now it was not as obvious as this one, but you could see traces of glue. I told them it was previously glued (probably broke in transit to dealer).
I told customer I would re-glue it. they argued with me over it! I knew the dealer and they had a good rep in the area. So I told them to take car to service dept, and if they say it was not glued to buy new mirror bring it back to me I will either give extra wash credit towards purchase of mirror or even pay the cost of mirror, and I will replace here. But even it it was glued bring mirror back and I will still replace it free but I could not pay for it. A few weeks later Cad came back and dealer just replaced mirror N/C.

reply by PanamaJim over 2 years ago's the only attempted scratch claim we've had in months. Hilarious

reply by PanamaJim over 2 years ago

She said our chemicals did this as well. Looks like previous egg damage to me OR maybe battery acid spill

reply by Gruskowskj 8 months ago

Tell them you wash cars. Its there risk going in.

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