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Mirror damage at the car wash

7 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by Jimmy Jaffa about 1 year ago

Thought I would share a photo of one of our customers car. Customer wanted to fill out damage claim form!



reply by tomchung about 1 year ago

Wow... really?

reply by Earl Weiss about 1 year ago

Been there. "It was on when I went thru" . Tell them to go to the store and get more glue.

reply by fullservr about 1 year ago

Gorilla glue FTW.

reply by kevinmcf about 1 year ago

Been there done that. One time I had a brand new Cadillac only 6 months old, the mirror broke off. Now it was not as obvious as this one, but you could see traces of glue. I told them it was previously glued (probably broke in transit to dealer).
I told customer I would re-glue it. they argued with me over it! I knew the dealer and they had a good rep in the area. So I told them to take car to service dept, and if they say it was not glued to buy new mirror bring it back to me I will either give extra wash credit towards purchase of mirror or even pay the cost of mirror, and I will replace here. But even it it was glued bring mirror back and I will still replace it free but I could not pay for it. A few weeks later Cad came back and dealer just replaced mirror N/C.

reply by PanamaJim about 1 year ago's the only attempted scratch claim we've had in months. Hilarious

reply by PanamaJim about 1 year ago

She said our chemicals did this as well. Looks like previous egg damage to me OR maybe battery acid spill

reply by Gruskowskj 18 days ago

Tell them you wash cars. Its there risk going in.

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