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Tunnel Shiner - Sonny's

7 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by crown about 1 year ago

Looking for recommendations for an in-tunnel shiner. Am considering Sonny's Tire seal tire dressing applicator - 8'. Would like to hear about any pros or cons ? Is the unit working well - on a consistent basis ? Is the unit doing what you expected ? Gives a good or great shine ? Do your customers notice ? If you had to do all over - would you purchase a Sonny's tire seal - in tunnel shiner again ?

Thanks for any comments


reply by Rileysautospa about 1 year ago

I have been to numerous washes with the unit and was impressed with the application.

I have also heard a lot of good things about the unit from other wash operators

At our newist wash we run with an istobal tshiner that has a very similar build to the tire seal and we love it. We don't even prime it in the morning like we used to with the pad style tire shiner.

reply by hkim3106 about 1 year ago

We have the Sonnys Tire Seal machine. Works great! Only thing you have to be aware of is the nozzles have to be cleaned out weekly or will clog and application will deteriorate.

reply by Earl Weiss about 1 year ago

I have the viper shine unit. Bought one and liked it so much I bought 3 more. No moving parts. Nothing touches the tire. About as trouble free a tunnel piece of equipment as there is. Downside is cost per car ia about 40 cents per car. Upside is cost was about $6,000 and again virtually maintenance free.

reply by Tslaughter05 about 1 year ago

We use a Sonnys tire seal at all of our locations except one. So long as you keep it pressure washed and blow the lines out once a week it works decent. I seen the instaball tire shiner in Nashville at the convention and it had some neat ideas.

reply by Richard Peters about 1 year ago

Thinking of best placement for the tire shiner. Most that I have seen are in the drip space, would placing tire seal after the blowers be best

reply by Tslaughter05 about 1 year ago

The best place to install it is after the dryers ,if possible, in my opinion. From what I have seen if it's under the dryers or before the dryers you get tire shine blown all over the walls or everywhere on the floor. This all depends on the amount of tunnel space your working with. Some people don't get much of a choice.

reply by crown 11 months ago

I had posted several months ago asking about the best tire shiner for tunnels. Reference the comments above - especially from Tyler. I noted especially that Tyler blew out the lines occasionally. We purchased a Sonnys tire seal several months ago. We have not been doing the blow out of the lines. We use a solvent based tire shine and have the flowjet pumps set at about 10 PSI. Viscosity is thin. We get good coverage on the tires - they actually look great. However every 30 or 40 cars - sometimes longer a car will come out with "a lot" of tire" on one tire, but the rest of the tires are OK. Its as if the lines let loose and it gushes out at a point.
Investigating and discussing if it could be the tire shine ? We also get a squeegee effect on rims occasionally, where the rims with raised spokes so to speak and there is a lot of tire shine on the rims. Looking for comments on the gushing out occasionally, if anyone else experiences the same and if the blowing out of the lines may solve my problem ? What about the squeegee on the raised rims occassionally. Do other operators get that as well once in awhile ? Our unit dispenses tire shine every third car.

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