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Local car Wash Companies

1 reply created over 2 years ago
posted by numbcomic over 2 years ago

Hey, I was just curious on some car wash alternatives that are available. I've noticed that there are companies that come to your house to wash your cars for you. Have any of you here ever experienced a service like this and if so what was the outcome and your opinion. The company I was looking to use is a local company that covers Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The name of this company is KJ's Mobile Detailing, their website is If you guys happen to know any information on this company please let me know! Also if anyone here has used them before your opinions on their services will be greatly appreciated.



reply by flynnhardey33 2 months ago

As a citizen of any country, it is your duty to look after your environment and maintain it to the fullest. This makes it essential for you to go for personal car wash system in Albury. They can conduct their duties at ideal locations which keeps the environment totally neat and free of pollution which can be never possible if you wash your car at residential areas.

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