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Car Wash Volume vs Traffic Count

2 replies created over 9 years ago
posted by cpresswood over 9 years ago

There are so many things that contribute to wash volume.

Traffic Counts, Visability, Location, MPH, Stop Lights, Corner Lot, Competition, Business Model, Price Point, Speed of Service, Quality of Service, Signage, etc, etc, etc.

For simplicity purposed I wanted to see what other operators feel the norm is for capture rate at their locations.

For instance 25,000 cars at 1% capture rate is 250 cars per day or .5% capture rate 125 cars per day. Anyone experiencing over 1% capture rates? What are some high and low numbers and what reason do you contribute to this?

Hope to get some feedback on this, I have seen threads like this sit and die? What are you experiencing or seeing other experiencing?


reply by Axxlrod over 9 years ago


reply by Chiefs over 9 years ago

.9%-1% depending on the year (winter)

Let's assume first that your market area is not overbuilt with competition and that you are delivering to every customer a clean dry shiny vehicle every time, the two variables that impact wash volume the most are traffic count and visibility. Traffic count is critically related to annual wash volume. To a large extent, if they are not driving by, they're not coming in. Impulse is too great a factor to be ignored. Visibility is also critical, in that all too often, if you are out of sight, you're out of mind. Given my druthers, any site that has more frontage than depth is worth the differnece in price due to the ability for customer's driving by to not only notice you but give them the time to think about washing their car and having the time to turn in before driving by. Conversely, a deep lot even with good visibility is not a match for one with for frontage. Most importantly, this visibility advantage is one that will pay huge dividends every year.

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