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Lock picking made VERY easy.

3 replies created over 12 years ago
posted by GregPack over 12 years ago


Although this should be of interest to everyone in the industry, I think it is especially important that SS wash owners be aware of it.

There is a relatively new, easy way to open most standard security locks. It is called "lock bumping" It requires no special tools or training. It just requires a simple modification of a key that will fit in the lock's keyway. The bumpkey can be hand made with a file in a few minutes. Or, for about five bucks you can buy a bump key off the internet. with a little practice you can open locks, including door locks in less than a minute with no signs of damage or forcible entry.

I will try to manufacture a couple of bump keys for locks common in our industry in the next few weeks and report back.

BTW, before you chastise me for publicly posting this, just google "lock bumping" or look on youtube and you'll see that this is no great trade secret. The genie is out of the bottle. Our best weapon is to knowledge, to be aware of this and try to find ways to counteract it.


reply by SpeedyJr over 12 years ago

Hey Greg, youtube gives an embed script that you can just copy and paste here and the videos just show up!

reply by PaulSmith about 1 year ago

This video will let all to know how to deal with all such locks. Also, it will be very beneficial for new locksmith to learn more about repair home locks through single pin method. Can you help me in knowing how to make duplicate car key without the help of dealer or locksmith ?

reply by frankrodriguez about 1 year ago

Practically things when you see you learn very easily and this video will be helpful for the locksmith to learn how to repair locks and keys.

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