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Need suggestions on equipment upgrade.

4 replies created 23 days ago
posted by Smiley 23 days ago

I am updating my 4 bay self serve and 1 bay touchless automatic (4000) I am lening toward PDQ 360 plus on automatic. Need suggestion on self serve equipment. Currently have Superior from Speciality Equipment company which is no more in business. please advise, Thanks.


reply by baronman 23 days ago

Carolina pride on self service & wash world Razor

reply by Smiley 22 days ago

Thanks. For the Self serve, I have got Carolina Pride quote but some of my experienced friends are suggesting the Kleen Rite equipment saying it is as good and will save me $30k on the cost. Razor, although similar to 4000, is kinda old school. the 360 plus to me is way ahead on technology, features and looks.

reply by Simonizalec 22 days ago

360 Plus is a great machine, I deal with a bunch of them. The new arch is great. The top portion of the arch is longer to deal with the oversived trucks, and the side portion of the arch now has nozzles positioned upwards to clean minvans, hatchbacks, and underneath spoilers. The over glo on the 360 far better that the foam n flow, uses less product to get the same result.

reply by Smiley 21 days ago

Thanks, Is the over glo really worthwhile option for $10k plus?

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