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Self serve floor heat

0 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by crown about 1 year ago

Another car was owner has a timer tied to his floor heat boiler that allows the burners to come on 25% of the time or 15 min every hour. His theory is once the concrete is warm, the on/off cycling keeps the floor warm enough to keep the ice down.Seems to work OK until the temps get down to 12 degrees or so. Does not work well bellow that temp. Or . . . Is it better to not use a timer and to let the floor heat up temp, then the floor thermostate will shut off the burners. What are other car rash owners doing ? Using analogy, if one were boiling water, once it boils, it takes very little heat to keep it there. On the other hand cycling the burner from the get-go may never allow the water to reach boil. Where would one use more gas?
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