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New owner in Cold Wisconsin

1 reply created 2 months ago
posted by rjwarner 2 months ago

Hey guys,
I just purchased a two Bay with 1 Auto, and 1 self serve. I am sure to have many questions, and am looking for direction!

My first question is, at what temp do you close down your washes due to cold weather.

I am sure to have many questions, so please bear with me, and thanks for your help!


reply by Taylor Woodward 26 days ago

Not sure how cold it gets there, but I have a 4 bay self serve in central Indiana and 2 weeks ago, we had all the way down to -15 over night and -5 to 0 during the day for about 6 days straight. I kept my wash open although business was slow. I also did this with out floor heat because the system started failing right before the cold temps (perfect)... it wasn't fun but I was able to keep it open although I did have a few freeze ups at times out in the bays, just kept a close eye on it during the weather. I did hear from a lot of people that they did just close their washes down during this time but I didn't see the need to. As for the auto bay, I can't speak because I have no experience with those.

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