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Automatic Car Wash

2 replies created about 1 month ago
posted by flynnhardey33 about 1 month ago

What's the view on these? Many say they damage your paintwork and should be avoided but having used them I haven't been able to see any 'damage' as such, albeit a faintly more noticeable set of swirl marks.

Are they good or bad as they are certainly a time saver at the weekend on the days I can't be bothered cleaning my car myself?

Just curious as to what folks think.


reply by Earl Weiss about 1 month ago

Anything can be done wrong. Done correctly, where material is saturated and lubricated with cleaning solution the automatic washes flush the dirt away as opposed to trapping it between the cleaning material and the surface which is what hand washes will do . the abrasive dirt trapped between the hand wash mit and the surface will cause more marks than the automatic system. elf serve foam brushes use the same concept by flushing soapy water thru the brush head. Similar items are available for the consumer but not used as often.

reply by rsngh about 1 month ago

Automatic Car Wash have a brush that protect the color of car. don't worry! :)
you can clean interior of car with industrial vacuum cleaner:

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