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Do these numbers make sense?

1 reply created over 2 years ago
posted by flnyrd over 2 years ago

Was looking at a small Car Wash for sale in South FL.

Do these numbers make sense?
Asking Price : $200,000

(Real Estate:$90,000)

But he's saying Gross Revenue is $15,000

15k a month seems way too high, and 15k year seems way too low... thoughts?


reply by tdlconceptsllc over 2 years ago

He is dreaming in price if it's 15K a year. His current numbers should be able to support all expenses plus bank note,taxes,insurance everything as is and should be able to back that up with P&L statements & returns. If not your just buying real estate with a Carwash that you will have to pay someone to tear it down evidently. Good Luck as a industry look at the NET profit at end of year to give a accurate ROI asking price for wash.

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