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Still have a day job?

4 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by flnyrd about 1 year ago

I was curious to the owners of SS car washes and your lifestyle.

Is it a part time thing and you still have a full time job?
Or does it take all your time and it's considered your full time job?



reply by tdlconceptsllc about 1 year ago

Takes a lot of your spare time to run a Carwash correctly and generate a profit. Most of us work 40 hours a week then work another 40+ hours a week at the wash.

reply by flnyrd about 1 year ago

Thanks! You seem really experienced.

So It never gets to the point where you can own 1 or 2 of them and make that your primary job?

reply by tdlconceptsllc about 1 year ago

You need more than 2 to make a real full time income in the self serve industry on the east coast

reply by crown about 1 year ago

I had two for 25 years and still had a corporate job. Took a lot of time initially to be sure everything was working correctly - several evenings a week and weekends, then it tapered off to two nights and weekends. Most of it was learning. In the end it was one night a week and weekends. Depends on how good your help is too and how well you can depend on them. How a car wash operates is rather simple. If your help can't grasp it, then you will be needed there more often. If you both can't grasp it eventually then you will be in trouble. By trouble I mean customers will not be pleased since some stuff won't work right and/or won't work all the time. Customers will leave and go to you competition. Most importantly you have to like the car wash business and be mechanically inclined or have a good sense for how things ought to work. If you don't like it, then another guy will build close to you and if he likes it then this will be the beginning of your demise.

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