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Turning a Automated Car Wash into a Self Serve

1 reply created over 2 years ago
posted by Reserve Storage Car Wash over 2 years ago

We purchased a Automated Car Wash (Select-A-Wash Foam Brite) about a year ago and looking to get it up and running as a Self Serve car wash. There is already 1 bay out side of the bay that is Self Serve.

I would be interested if anyone that has been in the Car Wash business to give me advise on what it would take to turn the Automated into a Self Serve, a good site to sell the Select-A-wASH Foam Brite equipment and other equipment, or if there is a company or person that would be good to consult with.

Thanks in advance,



reply by GregPack over 2 years ago

What is your current SS setup like now It may be easy enough to just add on to it.
Another way would be to look at something like a coleman splash and dash, which is a self contained cabinet.

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