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Need new bill changer. MEI Acceptor / Recycler

0 replies created about 1 year ago
posted by braylen.sykes about 1 year ago

I'm sorry if this has been discussed recently but I did a search and couldn't find much. I'm looking for options for a new change machine for a 5 bay self-serve car wash.

The car wash currently has an American Changer rear-load machine with 2 hoppers and 2 coinco acceptors. I have had continuous problems with this machine and am looking for a replacement. I recently had a call from a customer that said she put in a $20 bill, the machine gave out $20 in quarters, and then gave her back the $20 bill. The other side often gives out 5 quarters when a dollar is inserted. They also consistently jam and will say "fail - no payout" or "no communication with hopper" etc. I have had both sides of this machine sent in to be serviced in the last year or two and have replaced the hoppers as well.

I stumbled across this video on youtube and really like the idea of a "recycler". Does anyone have any thoughts on these or any suggestions on the best bill changers out there?


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