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Problem - high pressure pump doesn't kick on.

4 replies created over 2 years ago
posted by USCDaniel over 2 years ago

I have a 4 bay self serve in Columbia, SC.
My problem is: My high pressure pump doesn't turn on when any of the high pressure options are selected (eg; rinse, high pressure wash or wax). Coin acceptor (IDX MA602) works properly when coins are inserted. Timer (LED 7) works properly obviously sends output because the other functions on my dial (tire wash and foam brush) work properly. If I push in the motor starter, the motor runs and to be safe that it wasn't a motor starter, I switched it out with a known working motor starter, but that didn't solve the problem.

I understand the functions of everything in the coin box, but don't understand the electronics in the equipment room. Where do I start to diagnose? I'm great with a multimeter!
Thanks, in advance for any advice or assistance!!!


reply by pcb over 2 years ago

Check the second stack on the rotary switch. Sounds like it isn't sending power to the motor starter.

reply by USCDaniel over 2 years ago

I will do that. I previously pulled the rotary switch out to ensure that all the connections were hooked and it looked right.

I have attached a picture of this bay's equipment, if it help diagnosis.

If it isn't the rotary switch (I will jump the common to one of the high pressure functions and report back).What is the next step? What does the rotary lead that controls the motor run to?


reply by pcb over 2 years ago

It should be going back to the motor starter. The rotary switch sends the power for the coil on the starter to pull in.

reply by USCDaniel over 2 years ago

I jumped the connections on the rotary switch and the pump still didn't kick on.

The voltage coming out of the transformer was low, so I switched the transformers with the adjacent bay. With the transfomer changed out the motor still did not kick on. What I did notice was the bay that I moved that transfomer to would not come on. No power to the timer. Obviously, there is something wrong with that transformer.

Frustrated and now having two bays inoperable instead of the one I started with, I moved the transformers back to their original bays intending to walk away from the problem and pick it up another day.

Amazingly and without explanation, after putting the transformers back in their original bays, the motor now works fine. I think that the transformer is going bad, but I will wait to have another problem with it before replacing!

Let me know if any of you have any input!
I appreciate "pcb" responding!

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