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low pressure/Cat 310 when started after weeping

0 replies created over 2 years ago
posted by boonecojosh over 2 years ago

Why is it when running weep to a bay with a CAT 310 pump, when the bay is started up by a customer it takes up to 15+ seconds to smooth out and work properly? Most of the time the fix is to turn it off then back on, but that's several seconds my customer has lost. Anyone have any insight? I have had this problem for YEARS, turning the weep flow up solves the issue most times, but runs out way too much water. For the past several years, I have just taken my 310's off line and put on 320's or 323's for the winter. I have been told in the past this is a common with 310's. Curious for any insight.


J Bowling
3rd generation owner/operator
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