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Coiled Foaming Brush Hoses

2 replies created over 2 years ago
posted by PatriotCarWash over 2 years ago


Does anyone use the coiled hose for foaming brush or the standard rubber hose? Why?

I was leaning towards the coiled hose due to the rubber hose always banging into the car when using the foaming brush. I was thinking if a customer saw the coiled hose and that it would not touch the car, than maybe they would be more inclined to use it.


reply by boonecojosh over 2 years ago

I have always used the standard rubber, lightest weight possible for the reasons you mentioned, banging into the car. Seems to me like the coiled hose could damage easily being kinked and such. Maybe try it in a bay or 2 and gauge customer response.

reply by Earl Weiss over 2 years ago

Use HP hose for the FB. When I started an operator told me the lighter weiht can kink (It can) when the Brush is hung and the kink stops the weep (It does.)

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