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trying to find a good car wash comp.

5 replies created over 2 years ago
posted by Michaelkananen over 2 years ago

I am trying to find a good company and read some reviews to pick the best car wash i can. I have been looking at Ryko, Autec, Sonny's and wash world and Oasis. trying to find the best car wash for the money. I am looking at a soft touch. Does any one have good or bad things to say about there carwashs thanks for the help....


reply by Michaelkananen over 2 years ago


reply by Robert Roman over 2 years ago

Although I dislike seeing someone’s quest for knowledge go unanswered, and maybe it just me, but I suspect your sincerity.

For example, if you are looking for a “soft-touch” and you’ve looked at Sonny’s, you would have found the company doesn’t make an in-bay.

Also, since there were no responses, you might consider that no one had anything good or bad to say in terms of best.

reply by Michaelkananen over 2 years ago

Thanks for you time. Just trying to see if any one out there has good or bad luck with different companys like Autec, Sonny's , Washworld D@s, Pdq or Oasis. Looking at building a soft-touch car wash in Montana. thanks

reply by Let'Er Buck over 2 years ago

Where in Montana?

reply by Michaelkananen over 2 years ago

South of billings

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