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Older Jim Coleman model 94050 vacuum

2 replies created over 2 years ago
posted by law1938ii over 2 years ago

I had to replace a damaged door panel on my coleman vacuum/sampooer and lost the cell phone photos I took so I could rewire the new install. Coleman Hanna web site is totally useless and they do not reply to email service requests. Does anyone know where I can find a service manual for the model 94050? Or, do you have a schematic you're willing to email to me?
Thanks much.


reply by over 2 years ago

I have a parts manual posted on this page:
It might help?

reply by law1938ii over 2 years ago

Thanks, Eric. Unfortunately, neither the manual nor the door wiring diagram are the ones I require. Everything inside the pump/dispersion compartment is wired OK and works fine when direct wired and/or circuit tested. My dilemma is the wiring between that gets the coin accepter/timer/pump/dispersion components and the vacuum/shampoo selector connected and synced. I have managed to get full vacuum function running and synced with the coin accepter and timer, but can't seem to troubleshoot the wiring of the two push-button switches that select either the vac or the shampoo functions. It seems to be distinctly unique to the model 94050 manufactured by Jim Coleman prior to the Hanna consolidation.

I appreciate your input, Eric.
Larry Wilson aka law1938ii

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