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Interior walls

6 replies created over 2 years ago
posted by Garb over 2 years ago

I'm looking to replace my interior walls on at least 2 bays for now. Looking for some good reviews on a pvc type material or something that looks nice, is strong and will last. I currently have old steel over block.
Any suggestions would be great thanks.


reply by Earl Weiss over 2 years ago

Put FRP over my block. One good ip was to wsh with Dawn. Protects the finish. Harsher cleaners strip the finish and make it tougher to clean.

reply by FastLaneMinot over 2 years ago

Earl is right, I found out spraying down the walls a few times a day, and then using a Swiffer mop on them (black with long soft fingers), cleans it perfectly no need for brush scrubbing, EVER because if you do it a few times daily and at end of night, everything is perfect. doesnt yellow out, doesnt look gross, and keeps a few guys busy during a slow time of the day, We use hot water, dawn dishoap, and the swiffer mop.

reply by FastLaneMinot over 2 years ago

One of our tunnels

reply by Garb over 2 years ago

What is frp?

reply by FastLaneMinot over 2 years ago

Fire Resistant Paneling

reply by FastLaneMinot over 2 years ago

Also called Fiber Reinforced Panels , or Fiber Reinforced Plastic. numerous styles of the stuff.

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