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Manuals and How it all Works

2 replies created over 3 years ago
posted by lucygilk over 3 years ago

I am new to the carwash business & I would like an overview of the component parts and how everything works together. I have a six bay car wash with motors, pumps, boiler, air compressor and chemical holders. How does it all work. Each bay has it own setup. At a big loss... where should I go for an overview or manuals?


reply by Robert Roman over 3 years ago

You could go here to Dultmeier’s website and try and learn yourself.

You could also pay an equipment dealer to spend one or more days with you on site for hands-on training.

With this approach you could learn where all the wires and plumbing lead to and why (and label them). You could gauge condition of equipment and what needs to be replaced and what might be likely to break next.

You could add in a multitude of stuff like chemical dilution ratios, injectors, foot valves, pressure release valves, low/high voltage, coin mechanisms, how to store chemical, MSDS, routine maintenance, overhauls, pit cleaning (yuk), vandalism, winter operations, etc.

What to do depends on how valuable your time is.

reply by lucygilk over 3 years ago

Great, that was very handy and it gives me a great starting point. Thank you so very much.

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