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Purchased all the equipment from an existing Coleman car wash

1 reply created over 2 years ago
posted by Piratepridecw over 2 years ago

Hello, I am fnew to the car wash business. My husband and I bought a car wash in January. 4 SS and Laserwash 4000. The current set up is very outdated. The self serve is a tub filling style using powder detergent. The Laserwash needed thousands in updating but works rather well. We recently stumbled upon great deal on purchasing all the equipment from a 6ss, 1 auto
car wash. This car wash was set up with the Coleman swipe n clean, super saver, vending island. Vac it up, water wizard and power rain. We were told to leave the swipe and clean behind. Does anyone have any advice on Colema equipment. We wang to used everything we can and sell the rest. If you have knowledge of these systems please let md


reply by Robert Roman over 2 years ago

There is nothing as worthless as used self-serve equipment. $0.20 on the dollar is reasonable liquidation rate.

Typically, it cost almost as much to remove equipment as its worth. Also, figure scraping a lot of stuff like tubing, fittings, brackets, belts, check values, etc. Then there is overhaul of pumps, softener, maybe RO too.

So, value depends on opportunity cost. If your cost is low, wrestling with used equipment might have some benefit.

4000 was a workhorse but PDQ doesn’t make it anymore.

So, while 4000 may not be functionally obsolete, it is obsolete from technical and marketing perspective.

In other words, 4000 may work but it may pale if competition has more modern offering (faster process, better quality and more profit centers).

Consequently, I usually suggest people new to business focus on fundamentals.

For example, one attribute of a business is its ability to service debt.

Since in-bay typically generates several times the combined revenue of wands, you might be better off by applying most of your resources against the in-bay first.

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