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i need advice

3 replies created over 3 years ago
posted by ivy funes over 3 years ago

i just bought my first car wash and dont have a clue what im doing
any advice will help thanks!!


reply by Earl Weiss over 3 years ago

Join your local car wash org and make friends with other operators.

reply by crown over 3 years ago

You bought a Car Wash and don't know what to do with it??


Take several hours and read everything you can about how to operate a
car wash on the internet. I assume you are somewhat handy or have
some mechanical ability ?

I re-read you post several times with a little bit of disbelief. A forum will not teach you this business. Earl is right that you need to speak with other operators.

Good luck

reply by flynnhardey33 3 months ago

Maintaining the quality of pricey cars may seem very difficult but once you start cleansing them regularly you can expect them to be always in the best condition. We all aware of the huge prices that we need to pay for purchasing our dream cars and for looking after their maintenance thereafter. Sustenance is mainly about washing which demands a good deal of time, effort and knowledge. You cannot go for washing your beloved car on one fine day.

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