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Need help drilling vault lock

8 replies created over 8 years ago
posted by bryonk over 8 years ago


Joseph in Texas here i wish I could say things are fine. However between repeated vandalism, all summer long street construction, and as always something happens. I have really developed a bad feeling for the Car Wash business. If things don't get better I may have to close soon.

Anyways enough bellyaching I have a bay medeco vault lock some one dug out a bit with a screw driver. I have tried a few metal bits to drill it out but most seem to snap or you can't seem to get a bite to start it. Have drilled out coin box locks, abus padlocks but this seems tuff any suggestions would be appreciated. If I was making any money I would call the locksmith for $100 but can't do that unless no other choice.




reply by MEP1 over 8 years ago

If you can get a locksmith to open it for $100, I'd say do it. You'll end up spending that much on bits, and you'll take a chance of damaging something if you don't drill it just right.

reply by foamycars over 8 years ago

The medico locks and surounding collar have a hardend stainless steel covering. You have to grind down the face of the lock, and possibly the collar, first. Then you can use a drill bit on the lock itself. Start with a 1/8 bit first, then use a larger bit, and then another larger bit until you can reem out the lock itself. It takes a while to do. A locksmith may in fact have to do the same thing depending on how much damage there is to the lock itself.

reply by asjaffa over 8 years ago

We use grinders to remove the disk locks at our self storage. Will probably work with a vault lock as well. Drilling out is difficult and often requires some luck.

reply by apcw21 over 8 years ago

you will never drill it out i had one 2 weeks ago i used a torch just stick it in the center and let her rip! have someone beside you with a some water to spray on the sides they will get hot and melt what ever is there other than that it took me about 45 second per lock i had 2 that i lost the keys to lol

reply by MEP1 over 8 years ago

I've drilled out many Medeco locks, both the T-handle and the plug. I have it down where I can blast through the lock without damaging the handle or the housing.

reply by Ron Larson over 7 years ago

Hi New here
I am looking to replace the lid (in wall 7.25" round combo)
would like the key lock
?? where can i find some?

reply by MEP1 over 7 years ago


reply by GregPack over 7 years ago

Ron I've seen two kinds in use. A "star safe" and D&S safe. My D&S had a plug lock. If you have a combination head it is likely a star safe. If you get a keyed lock you may want to get a security cover to keep people from monkeying up the keyway.

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